How to Decorate Your Home with Amish Quilts

Perhaps, you are in the middle of thinking about redecorating your home, but you are on a very strict budget. The fact is that you do not have to spend lavishly to decorate your home. Quite a few professional home decorators find alternative ways to add a splash of color to a space, while spending less than you might imagine. One way to add instant color and character to a room is with a brilliantly designed quilt. For example, amish quilts are very trendy. The beautifully designed quilts are very distinctive and known for their unique solid colored, dark quilt block patterns.

Amish Designs

The Amish are known around the world for their very distinctive way of making quilts. The Amish, known for these very distinctive quilts are in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The Amish in the area live a very simple lifestyle and do not believe in using modern machinery. Therefore, it is a safe bet that the quilts fashioned by the Amish women are purely handmade. All the quilts are unique and it takes several months to create one large quilt. Those quilts have a very interesting look that quickly draws the eye. Generally, the quilts are fashioned on a black background with bold colored squares.

Decorating with Quilts

Decorating with quilts is a new trend that is quickly sweeping the country. The fact is that it is easy to get started decorating with quilts. Quilts range in prices from under a hundred dollars to several hundred or more. Simply select the style and price that fits with your taste and budget. Fortunately, thanks to the popularity of the quilts made by Amish women, they are available online and at many retail stores. Here are a few ways to decorate with the quilts.

  • Staircases. The quilts will add extra style to an old wooden staircase. Simply drape across the railings.
  • Wall Covering. Hang a quilt on the wall that is in a contrasting color for extra impact.
  • Window Treatments. Amish homes often use quilts as a window treatment.
  • Floor Treatments. Place a quilt under a couch or bed for added impact against a wooden floor.
  • Furniture Treatment. Drape the quilt across the back of a sofa or large chair for an instant splash of color.
  • Headboard. Get rid of your old headboard and hang the quilt on the wall behind your bed for a colorful headboard replacement.

It’s interesting to note that today we live in a technologically driven society. Consequently, more and more women are looking for a way to return to a simpler and less complicated way of life. Many find quilting or decorating with quilts a very relaxing and enjoyable hobby. It’s easy to see that this trend is catching on with young women and more mature women. Home decorating magazines are filled with ways to design your own quilts or even to decorate your home with quilts. Indeed, solid colored to multi colored quilts are a way to add instant room appeal to any space.