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Who is Eligible for Weight Loss Surgery?

Obesity is something that a lot of people are dealing with in today’s world and can cause a lot of grief for a person or their family. Less people were obese in previous years than now. In decades previous to now, obesity was actually not a very common thing at all. In any group of people today that you may look at, there is likely going to be at least one, if not more, people in it that are obese. For these people, it can be really hard to get healthy and lead a better life. This is why so many people are turning to weight loss surgery. This article will focus on the different bariatric surgery options that people may have when they are considering weight loss surgery for their obesity.

One option for surgery is the sleeve gastrectomy. This is one of the most common types of procedures that are out there. With this procedure, the surgeon is going to reduce the size of the stomach to 15% of its original size. Overall, this helps you lose weight because you eat less food and you still feel really full by eating less food. This is going to help your body be able to maintain the weight without it being an extremely difficult. This is a simple way to lose weight!

Another type of surgery that may be an option for you is a gastric bypass surgery. Less food will be passed through with this option as well because there is a small sectioned off part of the stomach on the top. This procedure is similar to the sleeve gastrectomy, but has some substantial differences also.

The biliopancreatic diversion is a surgical procedure that will cause you to ingest fewer calories from the foods that you eat. This surgical procedure is another common one that is often performed for people that have diabetes.

The last procedure is the intra-gastric balloon. With this procedure, there will be a silicone balloon that is put inside the stomach and then will be removed after a specific amount of time has passed. This is a newer procedure. Most of the time when this surgery is done, you will find that the surgeon will have required the patient to have tried to diet in the past, but not really been able to actually lose weight with these more traditional methods.

As you can see, there are many different types of weight loss options available for those that want to go the surgical route. You should discuss with your doctor about the types of weight loss surgery options that are going to work well with your specific factors and symptoms.

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